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Welcome, hard-working marketing professional. Whether you’re desperately trying to keep up with the latest trends in omni-channel advertising, or you have no idea what that means and you just want to make a nice video on a tight budget, don’t give up. We’re here to help. At SPOT, we salute you (and support you)!

While we’re at it, there’s a few other things you should know about our St. Paul creative agency.

We are:

  • Woman-owned and operated (and you’ll meet her!)
  • An ambitious, thoughtful team with original ideas
  • Experienced marketers who are nimble by nature
  • Mindful of your marketing budget, deadlines and KPIs
  • Excited to meet you (and your marketing objectives too!)
  • Marketing strategy
  • Digital experiences
  • Brand identities & loyalty
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Design
  • Copy & message platforms
  • Photography
  • Content strategy
  • Social solutions
  • Websites & landing pages
  • Market research
  • Analytics
  • POP marketing
  • Catalogs
  • Annual reports
  • Event marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Banner ads
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Packaging
  • Trade shows
  • Collateral

St. Paul’s Creative Shop


We’re focused. Our clients appreciate that we remember their objectives and deadlines (and, you know, their names and faces, too).

We’re integrated thinkers—digitally-focused & print savvy. Because when your sales collateral matches—nay, enhances—your digital strategy and content experiences, your KPIs will follow suit.

We may be the only digital agency with an Elton John pinball machine & a candy bar. In fact, we do some of our best thinking around those two things. But if you’d prefer to meet in the conference room or photo studio, we’ve got those too.

Patty Voje

Patty Voje


Miss Saint Paul meets Mr. Saint Paul! Patty and F. Scott Fitzgerald have a lot in common—they both love literature, Saint Paul and delicious beverages. And, much like F. Scott, Patty has been knocking around Saint Paul for quite some time. With over 20 years of experience in design and marketing, Patty understands agency work from every perspective and is passionate about it every step of the way. Her extensive background in health care marketing includes working with Allina Health, HealthEast, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum Health, Telefex and the American Diabetes Association.

If you’d like to visit some of F. Scott’s favorite Saint Paul haunts, the Minnesota Historical Society offers an F. Scott Fitzgerald walking tour.

Jonathan Alstad

Jonathan Alstad

Creative Director & Copywriter

Really, Jonathan’s title should be Creative Director/Writer/Candy Enthusiast. Lucky for him (and the rest of us), Candyland is located just down the street from SPOT!

It was Jonathan’s passion for creative writing that sparked his interest in advertising, where media titans wage war for attention armed only with money and compelling ideas. His background includes working with everyone from mom-and-pop restaurants to Fortune 500 companies, because, as he likes to put it, every story has potential if you know how to tell it. Now if we could only land a candy account!

If you’re looking for sweet copy call Jonathan. If you need a sweet treat visit Candyland.

Anne Wagner

Anne Wagner

VP Account Services

Meet Anne. No really, set up a meeting—she loves them. It gives her a chance to put her 20 years of B2B and consumer marketing experience to work for you. She’s an ace at identifying opportunities, elevating brand identities and designing detailed marketing programs.

In her spare time (we find it hard to believe she has any), you may just find her listening to her husband’s band at venues like Amsterdam Bar and Hall here in St. Paul.

Tory Scales

Tory Scales

Senior Account Executive

We like to think St. Paul is the classier of the two Twin Cities, and nobody keeps it classier than Tory. From his signature toothpick to his relaxed demeanor, Tory has built a career by putting clients at ease, knowing their work is in his capable hands. His wealth of senior-level agency experience spans a variety of B2B clients across a wide number of industries.

Just like the gentlemen of downtown St. Paul’s iconic Heimie’s Haberdashery, Tory brings a welcoming spirit of creativity and good-natured fun to the SPOT team.

Anna Biljan
Anna Biljan
Anna Biljan

Anna Biljan

Account Executive

Do you believe in miracles? Our hopelessly optimistic Anna does. She’s also a huge Minnesota Wild fan, so it was a no-brainer for her to choose to pose with the statue of Herb Brooks.

When she’s not helping her SPOT clients with their marketing needs, she can be found with her head buried in a book or checking out live music at Twin Cities dive bars.

Josh Braaten

Josh Braaten

Digital Strategist

Josh just wants to know everything. Ever since building his first Geocities website back in the early ‘90s, he’s been obsessed with the internet and how he can leverage it to gather data that empowers better branding and marketing decisions.

From building the world’s first brand analytics platform to spending over a year wearing Google Glass and playing World of Warcraft (that’s in-game time, mind you), you can’t wash the geek off him—and he’s okay with that.

As a learning-obsessed St. Paul native, Josh wants to give a shout out to the St. Paul Public Library (George Latimer Central Library) for its stunning architecture and wealth of knowledge.

John Novak

John Novak

Project Manager

Having survived eight hurricanes, nine months in Iraq and two boys under age 4 at home, it’s safe to say John can handle anything you throw at him.

When he’s not using his marketing and sales experience to ensure his clients’ strategy, print, digital and video projects succeed, he’s often found chasing his boys around or golfing—with one eye on the weather, of course.

Erik Olson

Erik Olson


A prolific doodler and veteran copywriter, Erik brings 20 years of writing experience as well as a background in design to the SPOT team.

His good-natured personality shines through in his natural writing voice, but don’t let his casual demeanor deceive you. When he’s not fiercely wordsmithing his next great headline, he’s passionately cheering on the local sports clubs—like the Minnesota Wild here at the Xcel Energy Center.

Michael Mazzitelli
Michael Mazzitelli
Michael Mazzitelli

Michael Mazzitelli


Don’t let his lack of a mullet fool you—our videographer Michael is a lifelong hockey player and huge Minnesota Wild fan. His hat trick of videography, editing and animation skills always score big points with our clients.

When he’s not skating through video projects at SPOT, you can find him shooting sketch comedy videos or checking out local St. Paul breweries.

Helen Teague
Helen Teague
Helen Teague

Helen Teague


Helen has 5 favorite public radio stations, 3 favorite dances, 62.5 favorite pairs of earrings and one favorite 4D model of a velociraptor. Her eclectic style and vintage flair make her our favorite animator.

She enjoys concerts, dirty shirleys and has a “complicated” relationship with horses. Don’t let her playfulness fool you though—when it comes to wowing clients with her animation and video skills, this Teague is in a league of her own.

Kelley Stafne

Kelley Stafne

Art Director

Kelley is a veteran Art Director with more than 20 years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies like 3M. She specializes in elevating and evolving brands through her design work across a variety of print and digital platforms.

While she’s used to the pressures of working on big-company brands, Kelley never passes up an opportunity to flex her creative muscles on smaller, local brands too, like the St. Paul Hotel she’s visiting here.

Cheryl Groustra

Cheryl Groustra

Art Director

A veteran designer and agency green thumb, Cheryl is constantly unlocking new ways to breathe fresh life into brands. No matter the project, Cheryl brings experience that makes her imaginative design look effortless. In fact, her knack for balancing thoughtful creativity with a healthy respect for brand integrity is the reason she consistently produces results that clients adore.

Her desk also serves as a refuge for office plants that have been neglected by her co-workers. At lunch you will always find Cheryl diligently working at her computer— unless of course it’s Tuesday or Thursday, when she sneaks down Wabasha to the satellite Saint Paul’s Farmer’s Market for fresh flowers.

Leah Palmquist

Leah Palmquist

Art Director

The ultimate team player, Leah consistently hits it out of the ballpark with her design talent and worker-bee ways. Her passion for design and typography led her to roles in a variety of organizations, from Martha Stewart Living in New York City to the University of Minnesota Women’s Basketball team—all before she had even finished college.

A true sportsperson (she currently holds the top score at our SPOT basketball arcade) Leah is also a huge baseball fan, and she is excited to take in some Saints games this summer.

Breanna Vick

Breanna Vick

Graphic Designer

As a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota and intern-turned-full-time employee, Breanna brings her passion for all things design to the SPOT team. This Golden Gopher is already capitalizing on this golden opportunity to further hone her layout, design and illustration skills in the world of marketing.

When she’s not at work or attending jazz and funk shows or canoeing or rock climbing, she likes to explore the Twin Cities and find cool and funky places like Pedro Park right here in St. Paul.

Dana Kraft

Dana Kraft

Production Artist

If detail is your thing, then Dana is your guy. With over 20 years in marketing production, Dana brings extensive quality control to SPOT. You can ask him anything regarding prepress, printing standards or media development and he’ll have an answer. His scientific mind doesn’t miss a thing. The more complicated the project the happier he seems to be. Whether it’s a creative mailer, POP or custom package, there’s not a challenge he won’t take on.

The Minnesota Science Museum is a good place for big thinkers like Dana to visit…and, well, think! If you’re like-minded you might want to check out their current exhibits.


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